16'-18' Camaro Front Camber/Caster Kit
16'-18' Camaro Front Camber/Caster Kit
16'-18' Camaro Front Camber/Caster Kit

16'-18' Camaro Front Camber/Caster Kit

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After nearly a year of R&D, with several design iterations, Moreno Motorsports 6th gen Camaro adjustable top mounts are finally here. Offering over 2 degrees of additional adjustability in camber or caster, you will easily be able to achieve 4.5 degrees of negative camber. Moreno Motorsports adjustable top mounts feature a versatile design that gives you the ability to optionally lower the front of your car by .5” without changing spring rate or affecting ride quality, or keep it at stock height.

Product Fits:
16'-18' Camaro LS, LT, SS, ZL1 and 1LE/RS packages

- Easy installation.
- 24mm linear adjustability, equating to over 2 degrees of additional adjustability for camber or caster.
- Optionally lower the front of your car by 1/2" without affecting spring rates, or keep at stock height.
- Bulletproof, maintenance free 3/4” ID USA made FK spherical bearing has the ability to carry twice the load than 5/8" bearings that are typically used in camber plates. Spherical bearing allows unrestricted strut articulation unlike factory rubber upper mount.
- O-ring sealed, maintenance free roller thrust bearings allow for spring to rotate independently of strut.
- Adjustment screws are 8mm for superior strength and reliability.
- Anodized top plate. Mid plate is finished with a durable electroless nickel for high scratch resistance.
- Proudly machined and assembled in the USA.

Why Camber/Caster Plates?

In every racing scenario, tire alignment is extremely critical. You can have the stickiest tire compound available, but a proper racing spec alignment to go with them, they will not perform optimally, and will wear quickly. This is because tires are designed to work within a specific range of camber, and with track tires, that happy range becomes smaller, so alignment becomes even more critical.

We’ve been preaching the gospel of the camber/caster plates for a while now. For the significant benefits they provide, we consider them low hanging fruit. Simply put, the stock configuration does not allow for enough adjustment range of camber to meet the requirements of track cars. insufficient camber at the track means grip/traction is being left at the table, and the outside of your tires will wear quicker than they should. By adding negative camber you will immediately notice improved turn in worth seconds off your lap times -- and with track tires costing $400-600 per corner, camber/caster plates become an elegant, inexpensive solution to outer tire wear.

Multimatic, manufacturer of the epic Z/28 and ZL1 1LE DSSV dampers, seems to agree with us, as they purchased 5th gen Camaro camber/caster plates from Moreno Motorsports 2 years ago which they used on their own Z/28, and with the clearly observed advantages, you now see that the 2018 ZL1 1LE comes with adjustable camber plates as standard equipment.

Quality Control

As some know, we recently brought a new 3-axis CNC machining center in house with the intent of manufacturing our own products, as opposed to outsourcing. Machining in house has proven to be extremely advantageous, as we now have direct control over the quality of our parts, while also being able to bring better value to the market, since we are not paying high hourly rates for a slow manufacturer to make our parts. In fact, out of the nine specifically designed components that make up one of our camber/caster plates, seven of ‘em are CNC machined from a billet. The other two are CNC laser cut.

Making Adjustments

Adjusting the Moreno plates is extremely simple; all that is needed is a 6mm allen wrench, jack, and 5 minutes. Simply loosen the 8mm bolts a few turns with the allen key, raise the front until pressure is relieved from the plate, adjust, and tighten. Rinse and repeat for the other side and you’re done.  


The Moreno Camber/Caster kit offers 24mm of linear adjustability, and 90 degrees of rotational adjustability. This equates to greater than 2 degrees in adjustability from center to max in camber and caster, meaning you will be able to easily achieve over 4.5 degrees of negative camber or 9.5 degrees of caster -- enough adjustability to satisfy the most extreme racer’s needs!


Typically, camber plates use 5/8” spherical bearings, as they are seen as having sufficient strength, and are inexpensive. However, due to their size and rigidity, over time, the bearing wears and the mono ball becomes loose in the race.  This is the main cause of the notorious clunking noises that are known to come from camber plates. To completely solve this issue, the Moreno plates use much larger, heat treated,Made in the USA, ¾” mono ball bearings capable of taking twice the load as the 5/8” equivalent. Further, the bearings are lined with teflon so that they are self lubricating, meaning you will never have to worry about greasing or maintenance.  

To allow for the spring to move independently from the top mounts, a USA made roller thrust bearing is placed in between the plate and spring perch, in a sealed housing so that no water or contaminants can reach it. Since the roller thrust bearing is isolated from the elements, it is once again, maintenance free.

Plate Design/Eengineering

Where competing brands use 6mm or smaller adjustment screws, the Moreno kit uses much stronger 8mm socket head cap screws torqued to 22 ft-lbs to keep the plates in place. Together, these bolts provide a massive clamping force, so that undesired movement becomes impossible. The 8mm SHCS’s take a large 6mm allen key, so that they will never strip -- a common issue with the smaller screws.

We’ve noticed with other designs which have adjustment slots on the top plate, that damage to the plate occurred as the bolts are tightened in different locations. The Moreno design has the slot transferred to the mid plate, so that the bolts no longer move in relation to the top plate, resulting in a much longer lasting, clean aesthetic.

These camber plates are designed to work with any stock system. Yes, they WILL fit your MRC struts, and standard struts. If you have aftermarket coilovers that utilize the stock top mounts, you will not have any issues with fitment. Custom coilovers are not an issue as a simple spring perch can be added so that any kit that uses a 2.5” or 60mm ID spring can be used. If there are any concerns with fitment, just contact us. We have not seen any struts that we do not have a solution for. We’ll go as far as making you a custom spring perch if necessary at no extra charge.